About Us
At KGB Media we are driven by success. Our focus is on creative and dynamic content that wows and engages your audience. Digital Marketing and Social Media are fantastic tools to showcase your products and services. No matter what your service or product you can make it exciting, advertise it with passion and get your audience engaging and more importantly converting!

The Founder

Having worked in the legal profession for over 10 years with daily city commutes and long hours, it was time to put my roots firmly down at home in North Wales. I have always had a creative flair and wanted to do something that was a complete change.

I started following some of the big names in social media and this sparked my interest, things grew from there. I went on to train with the Internet Business School in London and then set up KGB Media. I thoroughly enjoy working with people. It is amazing to see a small independent company or start-up grow and achieve their goals. I love what I do to support the North Wales economy and Business Development.

Are you looking for Digital Marketing in North Wales?

Whether you are looking for Web Development, Social Media management, Ad campaigns or a simple video to boost your Google rankings. We are here to help you.

We all started somewhere. As an independent company based in North Wales we understand the struggles of getting started, getting seen and building your following. We support you through the steps of:

  • Building a Brand and following
  • Increasing your leads
  • Increasing conversions of those leads
  • Achieving your long term objectives

The more leads you generate; the more sales opportunities you make. Once we have set out your business objectives, you can leave the how to us whilst you focus on your business. We provide exceptional support for our clients because we know your success is our success.


Our mission is to support local business owners through the digital transition.

With changing markets and different business challenges we want you to feel supported every step of the way. Over the last decade how we do business has changed drastically and it is our mission that small businesses don’t get left behind. This is why we have exceptional support for our customers and our prices are competitive.

To find out how we can help you check out our services or even better, pick up the phone and ask us.


Contact Us

    Phone : 07570 979808

    Email : info@kgbmedia.co.uk